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NEW - 7 days to perfect your swing

Stop wasting time on the range. Stop ball beating and use these 7 simple yet scientifically proven steps to make that swing change FINALLY stick! 

Iain and Matthew have travelled the world spending time with experts in human learning and human performance. They are now on a mission, through this online course to help you apply the secrets that they have learned! 



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NEW - 7 steps to holing more putts.

Stop messing around with your stroke! 

Start to learn and build a process that is scientifically proven to help YOU make more putts. 

If you want to relax and enjoy the challenge of a 4 footer for par, then this on-line course is for you! 

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7 days to mastering your mental game 

European Tour Performance Coach, Iain Highfield takes you through his mental training framework online! in just 7 simple steps learn to relax and enjoy better golf. 

Iain, a Golf Digest award winning coach has helped a number of professional , college, junior and club golfers master their mind with his published book 
OSVEA. It is now time to enjoy this game changing education online. 

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Putt Better Than Ever. 

THE ROAD MAP TO PUTTING EXCELLENCE - With LPGA putting guru Preston Combs. 
Players and coaches alike need to understand the direct causes for holing putts.
This resource allows players to develop the necessary skills to perform better and hole more putts. 
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Golf Coach Education

We are forever growing our on line golf coach education products so be sure to keep checking for updated courses on many different aspects of golf training.


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