Iain Highfield Golf Mastery

7 Steps to holing more putts

Getting the ball in the hole takes more than just a good stroke. Master the read, the speed, tension control and your total putting process with just 7 simple steps. 


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In this online course you will learn

  • How to read greens more effectively 

  • How to relax and access your best stroke under pressure

  • How to practice putting effectively 

Players - Relax and enjoy making more putts 


Coaches - Help your students access their BEST STROKE under pressure 

2 simple steps to holing more putts 


Capture speed is the pace at which a ball is rolling and can still fall into the hole. Putts traveling faster as the ball approaches the cup reduces the cups’ effective size. 

Our goal is to make the cup as big as we can because it just improves the odds of making the putt. This course will help you train and access your best speed putting when it matters the most, on the golf course! 


You can have the best stroke in the world, but if you cant read the green accurately you are basically spinning the wheel in Vegas. 

During the 7 steps to holing more putts you will learn an 'express' way to read the greens more accurately.  

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