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Golf Mastery - Course 3

Biomechanics for golf coaches with Dr Rob Neal

Why guess when you can measure? Learn more about golf biomechanics from Dr Rob Neal

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In this online course you will learn

  • What is Biomechanics 


  • Anatomy and physiology.


  • The two main branches of biomechanics, kinetics and kinematics.


  • Forces, torque, momentum and energy involve kinetics. Path, displacement, speed, velocity and acceleration


  • Motor Learning and Biomechanics 


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More About the course 

Team GLT are very passionate about our mission to educate and inspire the golfing world to 'Think Differently & Train Differently' and we believe that this does not have to limit our online education to just Golf Psychology and Motor Learning. In fact, team GLT believe that educating and inspiring golf coaches accross the globe to build their coaching philosophies on evidence based practice, such as biomechanics can fuel a more effective coaching, training and performance environment for all. 

Therefore we are excited and grateful to be able to bring to you our first online collaboration, 'Golf Biomechanics With Dr Robert Neal' and in association with Golfing Praxis. 

What will you learn 

  • Golf Technology - As golf technology advances it is important that coaches understand what the technology measures, possible error detection and the most effective way of using technology. All this will be covered with reference to video cameras, radar and 3D motion capture. 


  • Biomechanics - This module will help a golf coach understand the basics of a biomechanical model of the human body. It will explain the differences between linear and angular motion as well as kinetics and kinematics. You will learn and understand the difference between energy and power and why this is crucial to golfing performance. 


  • Motor Learning - All the above will then be supplemented through developing an understanding of the complex processes in the brain occur in response to practice or experience of a certain skill resulting in changes in the central nervous system that allow for production of a new motor skill, or as coaches would call it, an effective swing change. 

Why Biomechanics

Biomechanics is the analysis of human motion using the principals of physics and physiology.

As we perform physical tasks as simple as walking or as complicated as the golf swing, muscles within the body create force and tension across joints in a coordinated fashion to produce the desired movement. Biomechanics allows us to measure and quantify that movement, providing an understanding of movement patterns and stress created at joints. Biomechanics ultimately allows us to increase performance while at the same time decrease injury potential.

The ability to translate the biomechanical research findings into a form that is understandable to the golfer is a hallmark of the Golf BioDynamics, the company Dr Neal founded. One of Dr Neal's often-used analogies is that we measure (accurately) and that provides us with the necessary evidence on which to base an intervention. The coach then uses the information to allow the player to develop the “feels” associated with a different movement pattern. This is the power of the biomechnical process, Measure – don’t guess!

Online Course Outline 

Module 1 - Golf Technology with Dr Robert Neal 

Module 2 - Biomechanics 

Module 3 - Motor Learning

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