Iain Highfield Golf Mastery
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Golf Mastery - Course 1

Effective Golf Practice for Golf Coaches

(GLT Level 1 Cert)

Learn more on the power of injecting Spacing, Variability and Challenge into your students golf. 

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  • Golf Practice Strategies That Help Players Make Lasting Changes to Their Golf Swing

  • How to Practice Golf In a Way That Enhances Skill Transfer to the Golf Course

  • The Science Behind Human Learning and Human Performance and how to Effectively

  • Apply This During Golf Coaching


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Inability to inoculate the stress response when performing in a competition. This has a direct impact on their swing mechanics

Inability to retain swing changes due to poor practices habits

Inability to transfer swing changes to the golf course due to poor practice habits.

The GLT certification helps golf coaches practically apply the science of human learning and human performance into their coaching. Ultimately providing solutions to the above problems and helping golfers enjoy performing to a higher level.

What Will You Learn - All material provided will be scientifically led and then given the GLT injection of practicality to allow golf coaches and golfers to create a learning environment that will help that transform information into effective practice habits and on course processes. Ultimately golfers and golf coaches will learn how to take their range game to the golf course.

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MODULE 1 - Golf Motor Learning

Golfers and golf coaches will be provided the science behind how humans learn and shown how to create a practice environment that leads to swing changes being retained. Yes we can tell you HOW you can finally make swing changes stick.

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MODULE 2 - Skill Transfer Training

Golf coaches and golfers will be provided information that highlights the importance of contextual interference if you want to be able to transfer golf skill to the golf course. Education will be provided on how to develop golf range practice circuits and on course practice challenges that will lead to golfers taking their best swing to the course.

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MODULE 3 - Golf 's Mental Game

Learn what the goal of sports psychology is, how it can be taught in a practical and engaging way and why this will have a positive impact on a players enjoyment and performance. Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn.

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Learn HOW to make swing changes stick & transfer to the golf course!

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